LWCO that just works!

Meet the heavy duty low maintenance LWCO and save lives and money.
There is only one Pityu™ LWCO
(Low Water Cut-Off)

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We've made most simple, most secure, cheapest to own LWCO device on the market without MC-microcontrolers no IC-integrated circuits and only 3 components to control your water!

Install as standalone unit or semi-integrated!

Replace existing devices:

McDonnell & Miller series: 42, 61, 63, 64, 67, 93, 94, 150, 157, 750, 1575, e-11M kit

 Warrick: 16M, 26M

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Ultimate features

Ultra durable

Longer lasting than any other device on the market!

Simple service

No service needed until relay contacts are burnt out. Service is simple and short. Repairable while working!

Highly secure

No MC-microcontrolers, no IC-integrated circuits, no problems.
Only 3 components to control water

Made with Love

Lifetime of experience built into most simple device that You have to love!

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